l to r  Bottom: Mel , Flash , Creole Top: Scorpio , Rahiem , Cowboy l to r  Cowboy,King Lou , Scorpio , Dynamite , EZ Mike,Kma Kaze, Tommy Gunn , Mele Mel l to R  Lavon , Mr Broadway , Flash ,Rahiem ,Larry Love ,  Kid Creole


The original line up of the Furious Five is Mele Mel , Kid Creole , Mr.Ness(Scorpio) , Keith Cowboy and Rahiem . Many people dont understand that this unit only recorded - Superrappin , Freedom , Birthday Party , It's Nasty , Flash To The Beat , The Message Lp , The Piano Lp and   On The Strength together . Everything else including the Message either had a vocalist that wasn't a F5 member , or had a whole new line up . 

After the Message tour the group started to wonder where all the money was going that was being generated from the mega hit The Message . They decided to ask for a statement that detailed their sales and what they owed Sugarhill records...their label at the time . The label claimed that they still ;despite the succsess of the Message owed them tens of thousands ofdollars that were not recouped for limos , outfits , automobiles etc. Mel,Scorp and Cowboy decided to stay with the label thinking that artists never win law suits against labels and that the public would forget them if they weren't making records.

Mele Mel told me that originally everyone left the crew   and only he stayed at the label . He says that after White Lines came out Cowboy & Scorpio came back . Rahiem & Kid Creole ( Mels Younger Brother) stayed with Flash . Flash had aquired some major label connections and he signed with Elektra and added Emcees - Lavon & Mr Broadway and dancer Larry Love . At first Mels faction was billed as " Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 featuring Cowboy & Scorpio". (Its interesting how Sugarhill spelled Mels name wrong for all those years) .

Flash and his new faction released the lps- They Said It Coundn't Be Done , Ba Da Boom Bam and The Source . These lps produced the hits - "Girls Love The Way He Spins " , " Sign Of The Times " , " Larrys Dance Theme "," You Know What Time It Is " , " Behind Closed Doors"  and "Style" . There are videos for "Style" & " You Know What Time It Is " . Mel added King Lou (his brother) , Grandmaster EZ Mike (Flashes former assistant) , Dynamite , Tommy Gunn and Kami Kaze. They released a self titled Lp and the singles Beat St Breakdown" , "Internationally Known" , "Step Off"  and "Pump Me Up" .  There are videos for Step Off & Pump Me Up . Beat St Breakdown is performed in the movie Beat Street. In the late 80s the original group reunited for "On The Srength" on Elektra . They reunited again minus Flash for the Piano Lp on Sylvia Robinsons New Day label . Kid Capri replaced Flash on the wheels for that Lp . In 1994 the original line up recorded "Mic Slayer" and "Sun Don't Shine" for   Raiders Of The Lost Art  .In 2004 The Furious 5 became the first Rap group to ever be nominated for induction into the Rock  & Roll hall of fame !!! 




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